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Fashionable resolutions

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What better time than the new year to reinvent yourself and your wardrobe? And who better to have some inspiring resolutions than some of my favourite style bloggers? (Catch up on part one of this three-part series here.) Below, Lisa Wong, Olivia Lovenmark and Jessica Deitcher wax fashionable on moto boots, YSL bags and closet space…


Lisa Wong of Solo Lisa

For 2011 I’m going to wear lipstick, pretty patterned blouses, and lace tops more often. Eclectic accessories like patent oxfords, moto boots, quirky earrings, and dramatic necklaces will counterbalance the ladylike vibe and keep outfits from feeling too twee and prim. Oh, and note to self: look to other girls with bangs and long hair—like Zooey Deschanel or the ones on The Sartorialist—for stylish inspiration on how to channel a timeless vibe while looking fresh and contemporary.

P.S. In other non-fashion-related news, I also want to cook more.

Olivia Lovenmark of Style Struck

I’d like to commit to myself a few things:

1. That I will move to a new and bigger city. I’m currently dreaming of Toronto.

2. That I will do a full closet clean out, enough of those teen-year-stragglers, a.k.a.low-rise flared jeans.

3. When I do the laundry and bring a big bag of fresh clean clothes into my apartment, I will put said clothes into the closet, rather than leaving the bag on the floor for later.

4. Ownership of a YSL bag.

nyr-anthology-2Jessica Deitcher of Fashion by Night

Instead of deciding that my uncontrollable shopping habit is actually the problem, I always believe that my lack of closet space is the dilemma. Inevitably, I make countless trips to Ikea to buy yet another shoe rack, use the back of every chair in my apartment as a “coat stand”, and leave clean laundry in the dryer until previously occupied hangers become available. Madness.

I believe in New Year’s resolutions, once opting not to eat hamburgers for a year, another to stop biting my nails. But this year I am taking a more fashion-conscious pledge that will hopefully curb the cited problem above. “For every item I buy, I discard one I own.” That will definitely solve the lack-of-space predicament, and alternatively keep my wardrobe up to date. I am not sure how it will control my shopping tendencies… but that wasn’t the resolution anyway…

Thanks friends! You’ve inspired me to sort out my closet. Tomorrow, three more bloggers share their plans for 2011.


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