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Trippin’ | Cheesecake-less in Seattle

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The last time I was in Seattle I had brunch at the Cheesecake Factory. Don’t judge me — it was New Year’s Day and it was the only restaurant near our hotel that didn’t have a long lineup. But still, I know, I know, it was the lowest point in my dining career. So when I went to Seattle a few weeks ago I was on a mission to eat at local joints where the menus don’t come with a separate (and frightening) nutritional info binder.

After much research, many recommendations (thank you, Anya!), and some quality time on OpenTable, my ladyfriends and I went on quite the culinary tour — park picnics and all:

1. Le Pichet means “Pitcher” in French, so naturally we had one filled with wine at brunch. Was it after noon? No, but we were on vacation for crying out loud.

2. I ate neither anchovies nor olives at Anchovies and Olives, but I did have squid ink pasta, which was the most delicious pasta I’ve ever had. Which reminds me, I need to get my tentacles on some more.

3. Even though their rooftop patio was closed, we had brunch at Terra Plata, where they make kombucha cocktails. Just sayin.

4. We ate a late, late dinner at Barrio, where the tacos aren’t quite as good as La Taqueria’s, but they come close.

Though we stayed downtown at the Hotel Monaco (where this stellar self-portrait was taken) we spent a lot of time on Capitol Hill — had a happy hour picnic in Anderson Park (see first photo), took a quick stroll through Totokaelo’s new location (which is gorgeous!).

And stocked up on exotic salts at Sugar Pill. We even managed to squeeze in some spa time at the Four Seasons.

The only thing we didn’t do? Go to the Cheesecake Factory.

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