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Workspace | Niki Blasina of A Haute Mess

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What’s this? A brand spanking new column? Why yes, yes it is! Workspace takes us inside the creative spaces of some very creative people. First up, the coffee table belonging to Niki Blasina, a blogger from Vancouver who writes the always hilarious and ridiculously stylish A Haute Mess (if it’s not one of your favourite blogs already, it will be).

Here, the naughty hautie takes us through her workspace, in her own words…

1. My computer: this is the heart and soul of my workspace because without it, I wouldn’t have work! Or a workspace for that matter, because I would be homeless. So… it’s pretty important.

2. I don’t always have fresh flowers, but I like to as much as I can because I think having something like flowers and/or other plants add something special to your workspace. The small vase is great because you only need to steal a few at a time from your neighbor’s yard, so they’ll never notice. (But these ones are from my mom. Precious!)

3. Day Planner + iPhone: Who needs a smart phone when you have a sweet Mead “Upper Class” day planner? Well, I do. (But just for instagramming, duh.) I still like to write everything down, old skool, so my day planner and my iPhone are the second most important items on my “desk,” because they keep me organized and connected.

4. I usually have a few lookbooks and magazines piled on top of my one and only coffee table book (Vogue Magazine’s People, Parties, and Places). Sometimes they inspire new posts, or serve as a reminder of posts I have planned in my head, and as more come in, they get moved to the unseen (and unsightly) stacks on stacks on stacks on my real desk.

5. Other important items include various pens and highlighters for writing and doodling in my high school style day planner, and a daily urine sample for my probation officer that I keep in my favourite speedo-clad-cartoon-man mug. Just kidding, it’s tea. (My probation officer requires stool.)

6. I almost always have a candle lit, because I like my spaces smelling nice, but moreso, I have a weird paranoia about smells. You know when you walk into someone’s house and it smells weird/has a certain smell to it, but you never think your own house smells weird? Like how people generally don’t smell their own B.O.? This is my fear. And by being OCD about candles, I know my house doesn’t smell like soup, or farts. It smells like an extreme fire hazard.

P.S. While you’re sunning your buns, click your way over to Niki’s blog A Haute Mess.


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