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Workspace | Justine Brooks, Jewelry Designer

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The Anthology’s Workspace column takes us inside the creative spaces of some very creative people.

A Torontonian turned Vancouverite turned world traveller, Justine Brooks searches far and wide for inspiration for her jewelry, which she crafts by hand out of gold and silver. In her own words, the award-winning jewelry designer shares her workspace, her works in progress and her favourite places to work very, very remotely…

1. My torch. This is where all the magic happens. I love working with the flame, especially watching the solder (which bonds the silver/ metal together) run. The jeweler’s torch is very precise and  I love how specifically you can focus the heat. [Ed – you’ll find her seahorse necklace on Etsy.]

2. A lot of my favourite things/inspiration actually come from outside the studio. For my Jb Rocks beaded line, I spend a lot of time travelling the globe buying precious stones.

3. The big red tumbler (which polishes jewelry) is also a favorite. I love how shiny things are when they come out. It’s like magic. You put something in with a matte surface and within a few hours it’s as shiny as can be!

4. Fall’s new Dragon Fly necklace in progress and in its finished form.

By the way, the designer, who has a serious case of wanderlust, uses the wunderlist app (fitting!) to keep track of her to-do list on her iPhone.

P.S. I think you’ll like Justine’s nature-themed jewelry. Take a look.

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