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Maybe it’s the long nights but lately I’ve been wanting to do nothing but bunk at home. And you know what comes with that? An intense need to re-do everything in my space. I’m not talking about just putting up a new mirror or moving a couch.

I’m talking about getting right down to the details — tossing out all my old Tupperware and replacing it with quality glassware, that sort of thing.

Thankfully West Elm has opened its second Market and you’ll never guess where they put it. Okay, yes you will — you read the headline: Vancouver! 2915 Granville Street to be exact.

It’s like a modern general store stocked with what West Elm VP Abigail Jacobs calls “products with soul”: goods sourced everywhere from the Brooklyn Flea Market (where I found this necklace)…

…to Berea, Kentucky (where these brooms are made by college students as a way to supplement their tuition)…

…to Portland, where these Egg Press cards are made.

There’s lots to stock up on. And to stuff stockings with. Sayonara Tupperware!

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