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Pinstagram | Lions, dinos and wolves

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The Anthology’s Pinstagram column marries the dream (Pinterest) and the reality (Instagram).

Lions and dinos. The Lions Gate Bridge, which takes you from downtown Vancouver to the north shore mountains, is old by this city’s standards, but new compared to a prehistoric roadtripper.

We call it “snewing”. Snowshowing beats hanging out in the rainy city, unless of course you’re hanging out in the city decked out in winterwear that looks anything but.

Neck and neck. I keep a crystal close to my heart in a pouch by Vancouver’s Ora bags, just like I’d keep this necklace by Mawi close to my heart if it were mine.

Pretty Walrus. Vancouver’s Walrus Home never fails gift-wise, just like a pony T cinched with a bow never fails girliness-wise.

Wildebeasts. My wild beasts aren’t nearly as fierce as a real wild beast. Not even in the Tyra Banks sense of the word.

Change of pace. I kicked off my lectures at Simon Fraser University’s Digital Communications Program this week, which means I’m already thinking of a palm tree-riffic spring break.

Beet it. The vegan chocolate cake at Heirloom Vegetarian is a) surprisingly delicious and b) decorated with beets, just like this home is outfitted with beet-red decor.

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