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Workspace | 5 ways to makeover your desk

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When you love your work space you love your work that much more. Or so the theory goes. Put it to the test and perk up your office with these five easy makeover ideas.

Simplify. Before I begin any big project I give my desk a major cleaning. It’s part procrastination, sure, but it’s also a surefire way to get rid of distractions. [See more of this work space here.]

Add some life. The garden outside your window might not be in bloom year-round, but the garden on your desk can be. [See more of this work space here.]

Hack some Ikea. This desk is even cuter when you see what it looked like before. Such a brilliant makeover! [See more of this work space here.]

Make an inspiration board. Pinterest is great and all, but nothing beats an inspiration board made of 3D objects.  There are so many inspiring things to find IRL (that’s “in real life,” mom). [See more of this work space here.]

Add some colour. The more unexpected, the better. [See more of this work space here.]

P.S. Take a look through the inspiring desks in The Anthology’s Workspace column.


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