April 25th, 2016

Style | #OOTD


The last thing I do before I do a segment is put my ringer on mute and pass my phone to whoever’s standing closest to me. Often that person is Jerome Insorio, who’s not only a super talented stylist, but also an impressive photographer.


Whenever I get my phone back there’s always some candid shot with magical lighting and interesting cropping, like this.

My dress is from Anthropologie, the shoes — which are made in Italy! — were a Winners score.

[Photos by Jerome Insorio]

April 24th, 2016

Style | What to wear to a wedding!

Blue suede shoe

Tomorrow morning (that’s Monday, April 25th) around 8:35 or so I’ll be on Global BC sharing my picks for what to wear to a summer wedding — whether it’s at the beach, in a park or a more formal indoor affair. I’ll even include a little something blue, like this lovely shoe.

See you in the morning!

P.S. Congratulations, Yvonne, on scoring $200 to Canadian Tire’s WOW guide!

April 21st, 2016

Home | #IHaveThisThingWithTiles

I Have This Thing with Tiles tp

I’m helping my sister redesign her kitchen — replacing her retro cabinets, extending her counters, figuring out what to do with an awkward space underneath a window, the works. And the sticking point right now is the floor and backsplash because the options are endless (even within a budget) and there’s real potential to do something striking.

I Have This Thing with Tiles bt

Nothing, perhaps, as striking as the floors in the #IHaveThisThingWithTiles feed on Instagram (where all these images are from), but striking nonetheless. I’ll keep you posted.

[Images clockwise from top left: source, source, sourcesource, source, source, source, source.]

April 19th, 2016

Pinstagram | Party time!

The Anthology’s Pinstagram column marries the dream (Pinterest) and the reality (Kelsey Dundon’s Instagram photos of places and faces in and around Vancouver).

KD and WO

Family portrait. Me and my baby in black and white + a cute way to photograph a family.

Eco Fashion Week

Fashion Meet. The Eco Fashion Week press conference at the Fairmont Waterfront (read my piece on one of their most innovative shows here) + a workspace that looks like it would also have waterfront views.

Bunny Ears

Hop to it. My little Easter bunny + a hopscotched kids’ room.

Magnolias v2

In bloom. Magnolias are my favourite + this makes carnations look surprisingly cool too.

Dress forms

Dress forms. Three dress forms backstage before one of my segments on Global Television + three dressed-up models before the coolest party ever.

P.S. There are more photos where these came from so follow @KelseyDundon on Instagram.

April 18th, 2016

Style | Rising to the 81 lb. Challenge

81 lb. Challenge

Eighty-one pounds doesn’t sound like much – the weight of a seventh-grader, maybe – but 81 pounds is the average weight of clothing a single North American discards in a year.

When you see just how much clothing that is, it’s rather alarming. Especially if you’re one of the fashion students at VCAD who took part in Eco Fashion Week’s 81 lb. Challenge, creating an entire collection out of pieces thrifted from Value Village.

“A few weeks back we were at 15 looks and we weighed them and they were only around 20 pounds,” says Alanis Anne Alindogan, a VCAD student. “We were like ‘61 more to go? How are we supposed to do that?’”


They made a bedspread into a gown, shirt sleeves into leather fringe and curtains into a dress! Read my full story on Eco Fashion Week’s 81 lb. Challenge on Vancouver Is Awesome.

[First photo by Jerome Insorio]

April 15th, 2016

A WOW-worthy Giveaway!

A collaboration with Canadian Tire.


I’m all for doing things the old fashioned way. I prefer printed books to e-books, I love ‘80s secretary dresses and mid century modern art, but sometimes I’m all for the latest and greatest. Especially when it comes to shopping (I’m such a big online shopper that I’m on a first-name basis with my courier).

Pin-worthy home

This is a little bit of both. Canadian Tire (whose team I’ve worked with many times before) just launched a brand new WOW Guide, which, if you’re one of millions of Canadians, will be landing on your doorstep this week.

It’s part magazine filled with DIY inspiration…

Wow Guide Cover with iPhone

And part crazy techie wizardry. When you download the Canadian Tire app – it’s available at the App Store – and hover over the Guide, the printed page comes to life (it’s from the future, I swear).

Wow Guide Monika Hibbs

It gives you enhanced content like interior design ideas from stylists like Vancouver’s own Monika Hibbs.

How to start a fire

And tips and tricks for outdoor living, like the best way to lock up your bike and two different ways to light a campfire (turns out I’ve been doing it wrong my whole life!).

KD CT WOW Guide 2

To celebrate the launch, Canadian Tire wants to give you $200 to take your pick from the WOW Guide!

CONTEST CLOSED Congratulations, Yvonne! Happy shopping!

April 14th, 2016

Wear/Where | Peace Out

Peace Signs

Give peace a chance. Surround yourself with it; live it, wear it, accessorize your office with it.

Wear: An outfit with more personality than you ever thought possible in such a neutral palette (as seen on Crush Cul de Sac).

Where: A custom neon sign by Vancouver’s Endeavour Neon (coolest desk accessory I’ve ever seen!).

P.S. Metropolette started a series inspired by The Anthology’s Wear/Where series and I love her spin on it!

April 14th, 2016

Food and Drink | Topic Night

Savio Volpe 750

Every four weeks or so, a few of my closest girlfriends and I get together for dinner and drinks with a twist (on the evening, though sometimes also on the cocktails). We don’t have a good name for it — we often refer to it as Topic Night or Hot Topic — but it’s been such a great catalyst for interesting discussions that it’s become a beloved part of our schedules. Each time we meet, one of us is tasked with coming up with a topic to discuss; a friend who’s a creative lead at a major retailer chose fast fashion (at Les Faux Bourgeois), another who’s passionate about health chose the future of food (at Savio Volpe) — it can be anything at all. It’s kind of like the tiniest of TED talks.

Last night, at Grapes and Soda, I chose to talk about the nitty gritty of creativity. I broke it up into three questions. The first: what does your creative practice (sounds so pretentious, but hey!) look like? Do you get up at 4:00am every morning to sit at your computer while the city is still asleep and write for a few hours before your kid wakes up? (I have a friend who does this. Her dedication blows my mind.) Do you wait until you’re up against a deadline and then grab the biggest mug of coffee you can find and ride a wave of adrenaline and caffeine as you power through your task? That’s how I used to worked — I loved doing it that way. I miss doing it that way. Especially when I had an expanse of four or six hours when I could focus on nothing else. Now that I have two tiny little ones I’ve had to completely change how I get things done. I front load everything, get it out of the way as soon as I can because I never know if one of them is going to be up all night refusing to sleep, or up all day refusing to nap. I feel like I have no control over my schedule which has forced me to be very disciplined about the way I work.

Grapes and Soda

The second: how do you avoid burnout? That was a tough one. A few of my girlfriends are advocates of sabbaticals. One heard a theory that as long as you relax by doing the opposite of what you do all day, you can achieve some sort of balance. Another heard that as long as you’re not sacrificing whatever it is that’s most important to you, you’ll be able to withstand burnout. We talked in hypotheticals because none of us had actually managed to avoid it. We’d all felt it. Does it just come with working in a creative field?

The third: how do you feed your creative confidence? This was a funny one because we all approached it so differently. One of my girlfriends will always leave a sketchbook partly unfinished because as long as it’s a work in progress, she won’t judge it. When I paint I take the opposite approach — I try to fill up a book as quickly as possible to maintain momentum. If I stopped to evaluate what I was doing then I’d probably give up and where’s the fun in that? Another girlfriend advocates for being bold, pushing the boundaries, even if that means your work might go down in a blaze of glory, at least it made an impact.

Topic Night: such a terrible name for such a wonderful tradition.

April 10th, 2016

The Cool Kids | Vancouver’s Own

WuChild Wrap

I never thought I’d have this much fun dressing my kids. I don’t have nieces or nephews to buy for, and my girlfriends didn’t start having kids until around same the time I did, so I never paid much attention to the kids’ department (unless I was doing a segment on the subject). As it turns out, Vancouver has some of the most amazing gear for little ones — colourful, adorable, and full of personality.


Like Wuchild‘s geometric wrap (in the top photo) and their #parklife tees, which my kid often wears with some sort of brightly coloured poofy skirt (thank you, Wuchild!).

Redfish Onesie

And the beautifully designed, impeccably made pieces at Redfish Kids, whose babywear makes a unique gift (thank you, Team Hawksworth!).

Redfish Dress

Their clothes are a hit with my almost three year old and she is very particular about what she wears. It’s rare she’ll wear anything that isn’t pink or, you know, sparkly, but she loves this striped blue dress (she’s wearing it as a write this, in fact). Maybe because it’s so flowy, it feels like a princess dress even if it doesn’t look like a princess dress? Who knows.

Native Shoes

She wears it, as she does most things, with her pink Native shoes, her third pair of the things. They get mad props because they work at the waterpark, at the pool, and in this rainy city in general. Plus, even chubby uncoordinated toddler hands can get them on without a grownup’s help. Have they taken over playgrounds in other cities? Because boy, do they dominate here.

Want more of Vancouver’s stylish kids’ wear? You’ll find it here.

[First, third and fourth photos by Hayley Hudson, last photo from @KelseyDundon on Instagram]

April 4th, 2016

Style | Three Takes on One Trend

KD on set

But first, menswear! It’s not often I get to talk about it, but it is often I think of it fondly. The styles are so classic (masculine, you might say); the pieces rely heavily on colour and texture; trends shift much more slowly than in womenswear. There’s a timelessness to it all that I appreciate.


Besides, it brings out my best Shopping Channel skills.

Global Set

It’s pure joy as far as I’m concerned. The menswear I featured in my latest trend segment on Global BC is from Boys’Co.

Dress forms

The womenswear? From left to right: Geox (those boots are a pair I desperately want in my closet), H&M (a vibe that has me dreaming of Coachella, which I haven’t been to in years), and Gap (with a bandana from the men’s section, no less).

Watch the clip!

KD and bomber

Thanks for having me, Global BC and Metropolis at Metrotown. Thanks for the photos, Zoe Tisshaw, and thanks for your help, Jerome Insorio!